After over 1000 orders, we've been learning what you like best, and have crafted a pre-built box to get you exactly what you love in only a handful of clicks. Just when you thought shopping for produce couldn't get any easier!


You can customize the box to your tastes too; with choices on products like broccoli or cauliflower, lettuce, and berries. Pick your family up a box today!


Each Box Contains:

1 x Bunch of Bananas (~3 lbs.)

2 x Seedless Cukes

1 x 2 lb. Bag of Green or Red Grapes

6 x Navel Oranges

1 x Celery

1 x Local Asparagas

1 x Pineapple

1 x Bunch of On the Vine Tomatoes

1 x 6 Pack of Rainbow Peppers

1 x 3 lb. Carrots

1 x 8 oz. White Mushrooms

1 x Green Onions


Your Choice Of:

1 x Cauliflower

1 x Broccoli

1 x Cauliflower and Broccoli


Your Choice Of:

1 x Romaine Hearts (3 Pack)

1 x Iceberg Lettuce

1 x Romaine Hearts (3 Pack) and Iceberg Lettuce


Your Choice Of:

1 x Blueberries

1 x Strawberries

1 x Blueberries and Strawberries

Silverstein's BY YOU box